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Outsource inspection

Due to the irreplaceable role of refractory materials in high-temperature industrial kilns, their quality directly affects the lifespan of the kilns and product quality. For some customers who purchase refractory materials in China, pre factory inspection is particularly important. However, due to some special reasons, customers are unable to arrive at the site for pre factory inspection of refractory materials. We can provide customers with entrusted service for factory inspection. For customers who do not purchase refractory materials through us, these services are charged according to the agreement.

Valet Inspection
Valet Inspection

We have a professional technical team that has been engaged in the refractory industry for a long time. We can provide third-party testing of the physical and chemical indicators of refractory materials, product appearance, size inspection, packaging confirmation, goods customs clearance, overseas transportation, and other work according to customer needs.

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