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Project Management

Pre-project management
1.1 Feasibility analysis
Based on the nature of the project, conduct market analysis, technical reliability, energy consumption, environmental protection, and other research to help customers make scientific and reasonable decisions.
1.2 Technical exchange
Conduct technical exchanges on customer site conditions and product requirements, and confirm Technology roadmap, product type, environmental protection requirements, equipment selection and other project related contents
1.3 Project Proposal
Provide a written report on feasibility analysis and technical exchange content
1.4 Design &Plan
Make a preliminary plan for the project, including technical solutions, energy consumption, environmental protection, investment, equipment selection, operating costs, etc., for customer reference.

Mid term management: turn-key project
2.1 Design Services
2.1.1 Provide design solutions and project processes
2.1.2 Provide civil engineering, factory design conditions, and process layout
2.1.3 Drawings and lists of refractory materials, steel structures (steel shells), feeding systems, electrical, kiln cooling air, environmental protection processes, and kiln related equipment, as well as purchase standards for main equipment and materials;

2.2 Provision of supporting hardware
2.2.1 We can provide all or part of the refractory materials required for the kiln as needed, and provide professional suggestions on the performance of the refractory materials used in the kiln.
2.2.2 Our equipment manufacturing factory tailors industrial kiln peripheral equipment for customers, including control systems, combustion valve trains, combustion burner blocks, etc.
2.2.3 According to local environmental regulations and requirements of customers, we can provide exhaust gas treatment technology and equipment, including dust removal, desulfurization, decommissioning, and waste heat utilization systems.

2.3 Engineering services:
2.3.1 Provide customers with installation of kiln bodies, refractory material masonry, kiln heating, and on-site technical guidance, as well as general contracting or technical guidance for installation and commissioning of related equipment.
2.3.2 The company has a technical team covering thermal engineering, kiln, metallurgy, inorganic materials, water Electrical engineer. We have accumulated rich experience through the installation and commissioning of more than 70 kiln projects, and can carry out general contracting for the construction of common industrial kilns, or provide technical guidance and services for their processes;
2.3.3 We can also provide one-stop services for masonry, baking, feeding, production, and engineering acceptance test of kilns designed by other companies to ensure your satisfaction.

2.3.4 Training: Provide operational training, safety training, and process training for customer personnel on kilns and related equipment. Assist clients in writing relevant technical documents.

Post project management (after-sales service)
3.1. Track the operation of the kiln, provide countermeasures for kiln problems, and assist the factory in adjusting and optimizing kiln processes;
3.2. Provide you with technical support throughout the entire lifespan of the kiln, including phone, email, Whatsapp/WeChat, video, etc. Arrange for engineers to arrive at the site if necessary;
3.3. Secondary training on issues that arise during production;
3.4. Supply of consumables or spare parts for related equipment.

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