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Sintered Chrome Corundum

Chrome corundum series, made of Al2O3 mixing with CrO2 or ZrO2 in a certain proportion, is commonly produced with an adoption of special refractory production process.

According to the ingredients, it is usually divided into:
Chrome corundum products;
Chrome-zirconium corundum products;
Sometimes, it is made into composite products with corundum or clayey materials;

Sintered Chrome Corundum
Sintered Chrome Corundum
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Physical and Chemical Indicators

Sintered Chrome Corundum
No.ItemChrome corundum productChrome zirconium corundum product
1Chemical Indicators %Al2O3≥85≥85
3ZrO3 ≥5
4AP (%)≤16≤15
5BD (g/cm3)≥3≥3.1
6Cold crushing strength(MPa)≥120≥120
7Refractoriness under load 0. 2. Mpa (℃)≥1650≥1700
8Thermal shock stabilitywater cooling≥15≥15
9Part usedWearing resistance layer

It is widely used in wear resistant and wash-out resistant parts in metallurgy, glass, petrochemical and other industries.


The series has advantages of high refractoriness, high strength, excellent thermal shock stability, strong erosion resistance. During furnace working, it also has good abilities of resistant to washing out, abrasion, erosion and spalling.

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