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Silica Repairing Materials

Silica repairing material, very similar to silica sealing material, is a kind of monolithic refractory material with plasticity. It is mainly made from silica refractory granule and fine powder, and can be mixed together with a proper amount of adhesive as well as curing agent.

Silica Repairing Materials

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Product NameSillca Repairing Materials
Chemical Composition(%)SiO297.0
Refractoriness Under Load(T0.6oC)≥1675
Crushing Strength
After drying 110℃ ≥/
After sintering
1400℃*3h ≥
Bulk Density(g/cm31.5
Particles Size(mm)0∽0.5

Silica repairing material is commonly applied in hot repairing for crown, side wall and other parts of glass furnace.


(1) Excellent characteristics of resistance at high temperature, refractoriness, refractoriness under load and other high temperature indicators.

(2) Good corrosion resistance

(3) It has characteristics of compact structure, low porosity, strong thermal shock resistance and stable volume at high temperature after being sintered. Therefore, there will be no explosion, breakage and other phenomena while being hot repaired. And the structure will not be damaged and repaired due to expansion and cracking caused by SiO2 crystal transformation.

(4) Silica repairing material is a form of slurry with plasticity at normal temperature. It can be variably molded according to different demands, immediately cured after being heated, and firmly bonded with bricks. Then high-temperature ceramic combination will be caused by the “fusion”of silica repairing material together with bricks at high temperatures. And finally, a firm and holistic structure will be formed.

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