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Ramming Mass

Our Ramming Materials represent a versatile and essential category of refractory materials designed to withstand the most demanding high-temperature industrial applications. Comprising two key variants, AZS Ramming Mass and Corundum-based Ramming Material, these monolithic refractories are engineered to excel in diverse settings.

AZS Ramming Mass: Meticulously crafted from oxidizing fused AZS particles and fine powder, AZS Ramming Mass combines precision ratios with the ideal adhesive content. The result is a half-dried, high-strength monolithic refractory material, renowned for its robustness and durability. Ideal for various applications, it stands as a trusted choice in the realm of refractory materials.

Corundum-based Ramming Material: Our Corundum-based Ramming Material is an amorphous refractory of exceptional quality. It is produced through vigorous ramming processes, featuring graded particles and fine powder derived from oxidized fused corundum. Combined with suitable binders, this material is designed to enhance the integrity of corundum furnace bottoms, material channels, and arch areas. It effectively minimizes the risk of glass penetration, ensuring component flatness and airtightness during heating processes.

These Ramming Materials are a testament to our commitment to delivering refractory solutions that meet stringent industry demands. With a focus on reliability, performance, and longevity, they provide the critical foundation for high-temperature industrial processes across diverse sectors.

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