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Mullite Refractory Mortar

Composition of mullite refractory mortar, mullite refractory mortar is produced by mixing sintered or fused cast mullite powder, soft clay, adhesives and additives. It should be mixed with water and well stirred while being used.

Mullite Refractory Mortar

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Mullite Refractory Mortar
TrademarkMaterialAl2O3(%)≥Refractoriness(℃)≥Particle size(%)Bonding time(min)Bending Strength MPaRUL T2
+0.5mm≤-0.076mm≥110℃  dryingAfter sintered≥(℃)≥


MP-75Mullite6517901501~221400℃×3h 6.01400

Mullite refractory mortar is commonly suitable for the masonry of mullite bricks in blast furnace, hot blast furnace, ceramic burner, glass furnace and other industrial kilns and thermal equipment.


Mullite slurry has characteristics of high strength at high temperature, good air impermeability and high temperature performance, strong resistance of scour and erosion, appropriate bonding time, no material trapped, no precipitation, no flow, good construction performance, high load softening point and low temperature sintering shrinkage.

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