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Ceramic Fiber Rope

High temperature ceramic fiber rope is made of ceramic fiber cotton, alkali-free glass filament and high-temperature resistant stainless steel alloy wire, and produced by special processes. It is supposed to be an ideal substitute for asbestos.

The product has excellent high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, light volume weight and good chemical stability, except of hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali, it can not be eroded by most chemical substances. Moreover, when being wetted by water, steam and oil, its physical and chemical properties is able to remain stable and unchanged after dried.

Ceramic Fiber Rope
Ceramic Fiber Rope

Ceramic Fiber Wool Physical and Chemical Indicators

Item/ModelStainless steel wire reinforced ceramic fiber ropeGlass filament reinforced ceramic fiber rope
Classification Temperature(℃)12601260
Working Temperature (℃)1050650
Melting Point (℃)17601760
Density (Kg/m3)350-600350-600
Thermal Conductivity
(W/mK ,ASTM C201, Average 800℃)
Ignition Loss (%)10-2010-20
MaterialCeramic Fiber
Chemical Composition(%)
Al2O3+ SiO299.499.4
Product Advantage

Continuous working temperature can be up to 1000℃, short-time working temperature can be up to 1260℃.
Good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and corrosion of molten metal such as aluminum and zinc.
Good high temperature strength and thermal insulation performance.


Ceramic fiber rope can be applied to fire resistance, fire protection, thermal insulation and friction material products in various thermal equipment and thermal conduction system.

  • High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low thermal capacity.
  • Excellent high-temperature insulation performance, long service life.
  • Good resistance to corrosion of melting aluminum, zinc and other nonferrous metals.
  • Good low and high temperature strength.
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