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Light Weight Silica Insulating Brick

Silica insulating brick series, a kind of insulating refractory material with a content of SiO2 no less than 91%, is mainly made of silica rock. Besides of thermal insulating performance, it has kept most characteristics of silica series.
The producing process of silica insulating series includes: fine grinding silica rock which is main raw material of the series; adding part of waste silica bricks or waste silica insulating refractory brick powder, mineralizer and carbon powder; then mixing with water to obtain mud materials in mixing machine, based on a certain proportion; moulding by mechanical or handwork; drying moisture remaining in raw bricks to less than 0.5% and installing into furnaces to sinter.

Light Weight Silica Insulating Brick

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Light Weight Silica Insulating Brick
SiO2 (%)  ≥91919191
BD (g/cm3 ) ≥
CCS (MPa)≥
Linear change on reheating,%
0.1MPa RUL℃    ≥1400142015001520
Thermal Conductivity W/(m·K) Average Temperature (350±10) ℃  ≤                         0.550.600.650.70
Note: Thermal conductivity is the reference index, but this test must be carried out, and the measured data should be indicated in the quality certificate.

Silica insulating series is mainly used in external insulating layers of linings in glass furnace and similar parts of furnace in metallurgical industry.

This series is suitable to be used in lining or insulating layer of industrial furnaces which its long-term work temperature is not more than 1550℃. And the brasque or insulating layer can not directly contact to high temperature melting materials as well as corrosive gas.


Silica insulating series owns abilities of relatively high refractoriness under load. Its linear expansion rate is higher than that of normal clay insulating materials and the attention shall be paid while working.

Furthermore, due to the dust of silica rock which can be harmful to human health, relevant personnel shall pay more attention on safety protection in processes of production and construction.

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