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Light Weight Mullite Insulating Brick

Mullite insulating brick is mainly made of high bauxite with a small amount of clay. Its production process commonly involves grouting molding, natural curing until mould release, transferring and drying into forced dryers, then sintering with high temperature, mechanical grinding and finally processing as finished products. Good consistency of its size furthest avoids the impacts of impurities and structural defects on product performance. The series owns distinctive high temperature volume stability as well as thermal shock stability, high strength, low thermal conductivity, ability of contacting flame directly and other features.

Light Weight Mullite Insulating Brick
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Light Weight Mullite Insulating Brick
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Physical and Chemical Indicators

Fe2O3  ≤
B.D. / (g/cm3 )  ≤0.550.850.951.051.35
C.C.S. /MPa  ≥
Heating Permanent Linear Chance%Test Temperature T/℃1200℃1400℃1510℃1620℃1730℃
Xmin- Xmax0.5 ~ -1
Thermal Conductivity [W/(m·K)]
Average Temperature( 350±25 ) ℃  ≤

Light weight mullite insulating series is mainly used in crown of BHL hot air furnace, body and bottom of blast furnace, regenerator and flue of glass furnace, ceramic sintering furnace, brasque or insulating layer of petroleum cracking system, etc.


Mullite insulating series owns high refractoriness to 1800℃, however, it will begin to be soften with heating up from 1600℃ to 1700℃ but not burned. Its compression resistance is also relatively high.

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