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Light Weight High Alumina Insulating Brick

Light weight high alumina insulating brick series, a light weight refractory product with a content of Al2O3 no less than 48%, is mainly made of bauxite. Its producing technique usually adopts foaming method and incineration additive method.

Light weight high alumina product is also called as light weight high alumina thermal insulating product. The content of alumina is more than 48% and the series is a type of light refractory material mainly made up of mullite together with glass phase or corundum. Its production is usually adopted combining a small number of clay with bauxite clinker, fine grinding, casting within mud form by gas generating method or foaming method, moulding and sintering with 1300~1500℃.

Light Weight High Alumina Insulating Brick
Light Weight High Alumina Insulating Brick

Physical and Chemical Indicators

B. D. (g/cm3)0.60.811.2
PLC 1300℃×12h(%)≤1350140014501500
Thermal conductivity Average Temperature 350±25℃(w/k·m)0.250.320.450.5
Refractoriness under load 0.1MPa(℃)≥1300135013801420
The highest temperature of working(℃)1300135013801400

Light weight high alumina insulation series can be used in masonry of insulation layer and parts which can not be eroded or washed out by strong and high temperature melting materials. When contacting to the flame directly, the surface contacting temperature of general high alumina insulation series shall not be higher than 1350℃.


Light weight high alumina insulation series is one of the most ideal insulation refractory materials. It owns high pressure resistance, low thermal conductivity, good insulation performance, low price and other features.

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