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Fused Cast Corundum Alpha-Beta Series

Fused cast corundum series can be divided into three groups according to differing alumina crystal forms and quantities: α corundum block with the main crystal phase of α-Al2O3; α,β corundum block with the main crystal phases of α-Al2O3 and β-Al2O3 (their ratio is 1:1 basically and α phase is a little higher); β corundum block with the main crystal phase of β-Al2O3.

Fused cast corundum products are made by melting alumina in an arc furnace and casting into designed moulds, then annealing and insulating, and finally processing with diamond abrasive tools.

Fused Cast Corundum
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With a continuous growth of technology, a good number of Chinese enterprises already have abilities of mass production on fused cast corundum products. Although naming methods between domestic manufacturers and foreign enterprises are apparently different, however, they can always be successfully matched.

Fused Cast Corundum Alpha-Beta Physical And Chemical Indicators

As with a good crystal density, α,β corundum products have distinctive corrosion resistance to glass liquid under 1350 ℃. Fused cast α corundum products have compact structure, excellent chemical stability and much stronger erosion resistance to all kinds of slags than other aluminum silicate products. Fused cast β corundum products own good ability of thermal shock and resistance to alkali steam, and is usually used in the back part of an oxygen-fuel crown (colder areas).

Chemical ComponentsAl2O393.59298.5
B.D Densified Sectiong/cm33.33.1
R.U.L (0.2MPa)17001700
Static Corrosion (Soda-lime Glass,1350℃,48h)Mm /24h0.3
Thermal Expansion CoefficientThe measured data shall be indicated in the quality certificate.
Volume WeightPT ,QXKg/dm332.83.2

Fused cast corundum series is mainly composed of alumina. As with no zirconium contained, there is nearly zero pollution to the glass. Therefore, this series is widely used in melting area and the succeeding parts of glass furnace such as chute, lip block, and damper block, and is also usually used in crown parts of an oxygen-fuel glass furnace.

The Advanced Fused Cast Corundum Production

AGRM Refractories Manufacturing
AZS Fused Cast Refractories
AGRM Refractories laboratory
Fused Cast Corundum
Advantages of AGRM Fused Cast Corundum

Excellent Refractory Performance

AGRM Fused Cast Corundum demonstrates outstanding heat resistance, allowing it to withstand extremely high temperatures without significant deformation or damage.

Superior Chemical Inertness

This material exhibits remarkable resistance to chemical corrosion, making it ideal for use in aggressive environments where it can withstand the effects of acidic or alkaline substances.

Low Porosity and Permeability

AGRM Fused Cast Corundum has a dense and low-porosity structure, reducing the risk of gas or liquid penetration. Its low permeability ensures better containment and reduced contamination risks in industrial processes.

High Mechanical Strength

With its robust mechanical properties, AGRM Fused Cast Corundum maintains structural integrity even under mechanical and thermal stresses, offering reliability and prolonged service life in demanding applications.

100+ Projects of AGRM Fused Cast Corundum Alpha-Beta

AGRM Fused Cast Corundum has been widely utilized in more than 100 kiln projects across the globe. Prospective clients frequently opt to visit AGRM’s facility beforehand, gaining invaluable firsthand exposure and understanding of the state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality standards implemented.

Delivery of AGRM Fused Cast Corundum Refractories Worldwide

For the convenience of distant clients, detailed discussions are facilitated through online messaging or face-to-face video meetings, where AGRM’s expert team addresses specific project requirements with utmost professionalism.

Construction Site of AGRM Fused Cast Corundum Refractories Worldwide

Moreover, AGRM’s remarkable reputation in the industry leads to a substantial number of referrals by satisfied regular customers, who vouch for the exceptional performance and durability of AGRM Fused Cast Corundum Refractories.

Running Video of AGRM Refractories Worldwide

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