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AZS Fused Cast Refractories

Fused Cast AZS is electrofused zirconia corundum bricks, also known as AZS electrofused zirconia corundum bricks, are abbreviated as AZS. The abbreviation is derived from the three chemical components in the Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 ternary phase diagram, arranged in order of their content: Al2O3 (A), ZrO2 (Z), and SiO2 (S). These bricks are primarily used in areas that come into contact with molten glass. The refractory materials used for the walls of glass furnace pools must have excellent resistance to erosion by molten glass and must not contaminate the glass. Therefore, electrofused AZS zirconia corundum bricks are commonly used for the pool walls of glass furnaces. Different countries and manufacturers have various names for fused cast AZS, but it refers to the same. If you need to compare standards from different countries, feel free to contact us at any time.

Regular cast electrofused Alumina-Zirconia-Silica (AZS) refractories brick. Within this range, we offer AZS-33#, AZS-36#, AZS-41# containing zirconia in the range of 32% to 42%.

AGRM’s refractory blocks have a proven track record of successful utilization in glass melting furnaces, delivering exceptional performance in both high-temperature and low-temperature zones.

Recommended Fields of Application:

Fused cast AZS series electrofused refractories own good corrosion resistance, strong adaptability and stability, lower product pollution and higher ratio of performance to price, Fused cast AZS series are widely used in internal structure of glass industrial furnaces

  • top spaces
  • glass melt contacting parts
  • flues
  • forehearth etc.
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AZS Fused Cast Refractories
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Our AZS fused cast refractory products are specially designed for high-temperature industrial furnaces. With their exceptional chemical resistance and durability, they ensure extended furnace lifespan and superior product quality.

Available in different variants like AZS-33#, AZS-36#, and AZS-41#, our products are tailored to meet specific zirconia corundum content requirements. Trust our reliable refractory solutions to optimize your furnace operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about our AZS fused cast refractories and their parameters.

Fused Cast AZS Physical And Chemical Indicators

Chemical Components

Fe2O3+TiO2+CaO+MgO +Na2O+K2O+B2O33%2.5%2.5%

Typical crystallographic analysis

B.D Densified Section3.7g/cm³3.75g/cm³3.9g/cm³
A.P Densified Section2%1.5%1.3%
Static Corrosion (Soda-lime Glass 1500℃x 36h)1.6mm/24h1.5mm/24h1.3mm/24h
Exudation Temperature1400℃1400℃1400℃
Bubbling Rate (Soda-lime Glass 1300℃*10h)2%1.5%1%
Glass Phase Seepage Quantity (1500℃ x 4h)Provide the Measured Data
The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (1000℃)Provide the Measured Data

Volume Weight

Note: The data of volume weight is suitable for the product which is heavier than 50kg.

What Is Fused Cast AZS Refractories Material?

Zirconia corundum product is called AZS for short. Three letters of AZS are arranged according to contents of Al2O3, ZrO2 and SiO2, which are three components in ternary diagram of Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2. A represents for Al2O3, Z for ZrO2 and S for SiO2, which is adopted by China national standard.

For examples,

  • No. 33 fused cast zirconia corundum block is abbreviated as AZS—33#;
  • No. 36 fused cast zirconia corundum block is abbreviated as AZS—36#;
  • No. 41 fused cast zirconia corundum block is abbreviated as AZS—41#.
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Additionally, major enterprises such as AGC Japan have adopted internal product codes like ZB-1681, ZB-1691, and ZB-1711. Saint-Gobain France uses codes like SCIMOS CS3, SCIMOS CS4, SCIMOS CS5, while Monofrax US employs designations like ZIRKOSIT S, ZIRKOSIT M, ZIRKOSIT Y; SEFPRO uses codes like ER1681, ER1685, ER1711, and ER1851. It’s worth noting that these coding methods predominantly rely on zirconium content and demonstrate a high level of correspondence.

Naming of Casting Modes:

Below is the naming method in China. Factories in different countries have different naming methods. In general conditions, naming methods among different countries is able to be matched with each other.

CodeCasting ModesCharacteristics and Application
PTRegular CastA normal cast mode with the shrinkage voids beneath casting scar.
It is widely used on top parts and other parts which are not seriously eroded in the melter.
QXTilt CastTilt cast causes the shrinkage voids to be concentrated towards the bottom of blocks.
It is mainly used on sidewall blocks of melters.
WSVoid FreeThe voids are all removed.
Mainly used on throat, threshold, sidewall corner, pave and other serious-eroded parts.
ZWSEnd CutIt is similar to WS and the voids are mostly removed.
ZWS is normally used on melter sidewall blocks.

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Fused cast products containing 33% ZrO2 are manufactured by carefully blending selected zircon sand and industrial alumina powder in specific proportions. This mixture is then enriched with a small quantity of sodium carbonate as the Na2O source and either boric acid or borax to serve as the B2O flux source. After thorough mixing, the material is melted and cast at temperatures ranging from 1800℃ to 1900℃.

Building upon this process, fused cast products with ZrO2 content ranging from 36% to 41% can be produced by adjusting the formulation and introducing desilication zirconia as a raw material. These products possess a petrographic structure characterized by a combination of eutectoid and glass phases of corundum and baddeleyite. In terms of their crystalline phases, they consist of a corundum phase and a baddeleyite phase in a eutectoid arrangement, with vitreous phase filling the interstitial spaces among the crystals.

The Advanced Fused Cast AZS Production

Our pursuit of refractories quality never ceases. We consistently uphold the highest standards, ensuring that every brick undergoes rigorous inspection and meticulous craftsmanship. Our aim is to deliver exceptional performance and reliability to meet our customers’ expectations. In our processes, quality is not just a requirement; it’s a commitment. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that our products always remain at the forefront of the industry to meet evolving needs

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AZS Fused Cast Refractories
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AZS Fused Cast Refractories
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Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that our company excels in tailoring these fused cast products to meet your specific requirements. We understand that different applications may demand varying ZrO2 content or structural characteristics. Therefore, we have the expertise and flexibility to customize our manufacturing process to align with your unique needs. Whether you require products with higher ZrO2 percentages, specialized petrographic structures, or other specific attributes, we are well-equipped to craft solutions that precisely match your demands. Your satisfaction and the optimal performance of our products in your applications are our utmost priorities.

AGRM Refractories laboratory

We subject our refractory materials to rigorous laboratory testing to ensure their outstanding performance and reliability. In our advanced laboratory, we conduct comprehensive physicochemical tests, including assessments of material density, hardness, thermal expansion coefficients, and other critical parameters. Through precision instruments and strict methodologies, we verify whether each sample meets the highest standards. Our laboratory team consists of experienced professionals who deeply understand the importance of quality control, ensuring that every product undergoes thorough testing and validation. This unwavering commitment exemplifies our strict quality control and our dedication to meeting customer demands for reliability.

AZS Fused Cast Refractories
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AZS Fused Cast Refractories
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Advantages of electrofused Alumina-Zirconia-Silica (AZS)

High Temperature Resistance

Refractory alumina bricks exhibit exceptional resistance to high temperatures, making them suitable for use in environments where temperatures can reach extreme levels without losing their structural integrity.

Chemical Inertness

These bricks possess excellent chemical inertness, making them highly resistant to chemical reactions with various molten metals, slags, and other aggressive substances, thereby ensuring their stability and durability in harsh industrial conditions.

High Mechanical Strength

Corundum bricks display high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, allowing them to withstand mechanical stresses, shocks, and abrasive wear. This property is particularly crucial in industrial furnaces and kilns where the bricks may experience mechanical loads.

Low Thermal Conductivity

The low thermal conductivity of refractory alumina bricks minimizes heat transfer through the material, making them effective in conserving energy and maintaining temperature uniformity within furnaces or kilns.

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Outsourced Inspection Services

Given the irreplaceable significance of refractory materials in high-temperature industrial kilns, their quality stands as a pivotal factor directly impacting the kilns’ lifespan and product quality. For certain clients procuring refractory materials from China, a pre-factory inspection holds paramount importance. Nevertheless, some unique circumstances may prevent customers from conducting on-site pre-factory inspections of refractory materials. In such cases, we offer entrusted service solutions for factory inspections. Please note that these services are subject to charges for customers who do not make their refractory materials purchases through us, as outlined in our agreement.

Valet Inspection
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case of AZS Fused Cast Around the World

AGRM has provided fused cast refractories for more than 100 kiln projects around the world. Prospective customers often choose to visit AGRM’s facility in advance, gaining valuable firsthand experience and insights into the cutting-edge technology and quality standards employed.

Delivery of AZS Fused Cast Refractories Worldwide

For the convenience of distant clients, detailed discussions are facilitated through online messaging or face-to-face video meetings, where AGRM’s expert team addresses specific project requirements with utmost professionalism.

Construction Site of AZS Fused Cast Refractories Worldwide

Moreover, AGRM’s remarkable reputation in the industry leads to a substantial number of referrals by satisfied regular customers, who vouch for the exceptional performance and durability of AZS Fused Cast Refractories.

Running Video of AGRM AZS Fused Cast Refractories Worldwide

Here are some noteworthy Glass Furnace projects featuring AZS Fused Cast Refractories:

A leading glass manufacturer in Europe collaborated with AGRM to upgrade their glass furnace. By incorporating AZS Fused Cast Refractories, the manufacturer experienced a significant increase in furnace life and a remarkable reduction in maintenance costs, thereby bolstering their competitive edge.

In Asia, a prominent architectural glass company partnered with AGRM to revolutionize their glass melting process. The introduction of AZS Fused Cast Refractories brought about superior thermal stability and corrosion resistance, resulting in a streamlined production process and top-quality glass products.

AGRM’s glass refractories expertise was sought by a major glass container producer in North America, aiming to enhance their production efficiency. With the integration of Fused Cast AZS Refractories, the glass manufacturer witnessed reduced energy consumption and an exponential surge in productivity, making them a market leader in their region.

A South American glassware manufacturer collaborated with AGRM to build a new glass furnace. The adoption of AZS Fused Cast Refractories enabled the manufacturer to diversify their product range and cater to niche market demands effectively, solidifying their position in the industry.

These success stories underscore the unrivaled performance and reliability of AZS Fused Cast Refractories offered by AGRM. As the demand for advanced refractory solutions continues to soar, more and more customers worldwide choose AGRM as their preferred partner for glass furnace projects, ensuring lasting success and prosperity.

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