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Fused Cast Refractories

AGRM Refractories – Elevate Your Industrial Performance!

Fused Cast Refractories, also known as electrofused cast refractories, are manufactured through an electro-fusing and casting process. This process involves melting carefully selected high-purity raw materials, such as alumina, silica, magnesia, and other additives with controlled impurity content, in an electric arc furnace at temperatures ranging from 1900 to 2500°C, and then pouring the molten mixture into molds for cooling and solidification.

Harnessing state-of-the-art electro-fusing and casting process technology, our Fused Cast Refractories are engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions. Resistant to thermal shock, corrosion, and erosion, they are the perfect choice for lining glass and steelmaking furnaces, cement kilns, and other high-temperature applications. Rely on their unbeatable strength and longevity to enhance the reliability of your operations.

electrofused AZS with 32% zirconia

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Fused Cast Corundum Series

electrofused 95% α-β alumina

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36% zirconia and a lower silicate phase (14%)

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Void-free electrofused 94% zirconia

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Sintered fused mullite 73.5% alumina

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