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Burner Block

BURNERS are essential for heating in almost all industrial furnaces, particularly in high-temperature industries. Equally important is the BURNER BLOCK, which works in conjunction with the BURNER.

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Custom burner refractory Block

The BURNER BLOCK provides support and protection to the BURNER. Its internal structure directly influences the flame shape and combustion results. It is a crucial component in high-temperature combustion applications.


1. Burner block,2. Adaptor ,3. Burner, 4. Clip, 5. Staging, 6. Set bolt, 7. Gasket 1, 8. Gasket 2, 9. Nature gas inlet, 10. Oxygen inlet, 11. Outlet of main nature gas + oxygen, O12. utlet of regulating oxygen

We offer customers different types of BURNER BLOCKs based on their specific process requirements. These include fused cast refractory materials, sintered refractory materials, and prefabricated parts. Materials such as 1681#, 1195#, chrome corundum, sintered zirconium mullite, silicon carbide, clay, and more are available.

Whether it is an oxy-fuel firing or an air combustion furnace, a material channel, a melting pond, or a BURNER BLOCK for furnaces used in industries like glass, metallurgy, cement, or waste incineration, we can provide the suitable solution.

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