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AGRM Refractories Solutions

AGRM can manufacture refractory including Fused Cast Refractories, Insulating Refractories, Monolithic Refractories, and Sintered Refractories, which can be widely used in glass furnace, lime kiln, waste incineration furnace, activated carbon rotary kiln, electric arc furnace and cement rotary kiln.

Fused Cast Refractories

Harnessing contemporary fusion technology, our Fused Cast Refractories are engineered to stand up to the most excessive conditions. Resistant to thermal shock, corrosion, and erosion, they are the ideal preference for lining glass and steelmaking furnaces, cement kilns, and different high-temperature applications. Rely on their unbeatable energy and durability to decorate the reliability of your operations.

Electrofused AZS with 32% zirconia

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Fused Cast Corundum Series

Electrofused 95% α-β alumina

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36% zirconia and a lower silicate phase (14%)

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Void-free Electrofused 94% zirconia

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Sintered fused mullite 73.5% alumina

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Insulating Refractories

Our Insulating Refractories category offers a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions to meet all your insulation needs. Whether you require Insulating Brick or Insulation Material, we have the perfect choice to enhance thermal efficiency and energy conservation in your industrial processes.

Monolithic Refractories

Embrace the power of thermal efficiency with our Insulating Refractories. Designed to reduce heat loss and conserve energy, these refractories are ideal for a wide range of heat-intensive processes. Enjoy significant cost savings without compromising performance, making them a smart and sustainable choice for your industrial needs.


high temp refractory mortar

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AZS and Corundum ramming material 

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Sintered Refractories

Embrace the power of thermal efficiency with our Insulating Refractories. Designed to reduce heat loss and conserve energy, these refractories are ideal for a wide range of heat-intensive processes. Enjoy significant cost savings without compromising performance, making them a smart and sustainable choice for your industrial needs.


The Advanced Refractory Production
AGRM Refractories laboratory

Unmatched Heat Resistance

Our refractories offer exceptional heat resistance, allowing them to withstand extreme temperatures and thermal shocks without compromising their structural integrity. Whether it’s a high-temperature furnace or a demanding industrial process, our refractories excel in providing reliable and consistent performance.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

With a focus on thermal insulation, our refractories significantly reduce heat loss and promote energy conservation. By minimizing wasted energy, they contribute to cost savings and sustainable operations, making them an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious industries.

Versatile Applications

Our refractories are engineered to serve a wide range of industries and applications. From steelmaking and glass manufacturing to petrochemical and cement production, our comprehensive product lineup offers tailored solutions to meet diverse requirements.

Expert Technical Support

We take pride in our dedicated team of refractory experts, providing top-notch technical support to our valued customers. Whether you need assistance in selecting the right refractories, installation guidance, or troubleshooting, we are always here to ensure your refractory experience is seamless and successful.

100+ Projects of Refractory Around the World

AZS Fused Cast Refractories have found extensive application in over 100+ kiln projects worldwide. Prospective customers often choose to visit AGRM’s facility in advance, gaining valuable firsthand experience and insights into the cutting-edge technology and quality standards employed.

Delivery of Refractories Worldwide

For the convenience of distant clients, detailed discussions are facilitated through online messaging or face-to-face video meetings, where AGRM’s expert team addresses specific project requirements with utmost professionalism.

Construction Site of Refractories Worldwide

Moreover, AGRM’s remarkable reputation in the industry leads to a substantial number of referrals by satisfied regular customers, who vouch for the exceptional performance and durability of AZS Fused Cast Refractories.

Running Video of AGRM Refractories Worldwide

Here are some noteworthy Glass Furnace projects featuring AZS Fused Cast Refractories:

A leading glass manufacturer in Europe collaborated with AGRM to upgrade their glass furnace. By incorporating AZS Fused Cast Refractories, the manufacturer experienced a significant increase in furnace life and a remarkable reduction in maintenance costs, thereby bolstering their competitive edge.

In Asia, a prominent architectural glass company partnered with AGRM to revolutionize their glass melting process. The introduction of AZS Fused Cast Refractories brought about superior thermal stability and corrosion resistance, resulting in a streamlined production process and top-quality glass products.

AGRM’s expertise was sought by a major glass container producer in North America, aiming to enhance their production efficiency. With the integration of AZS Fused Cast Refractories, the glass manufacturer witnessed reduced energy consumption and an exponential surge in productivity, making them a market leader in their region.

A South American glassware manufacturer collaborated with AGRM to build a new glass furnace. The adoption of AZS Fused Cast Refractories enabled the manufacturer to diversify their product range and cater to niche market demands effectively, solidifying their position in the industry.

These success stories underscore the unrivaled performance and reliability of AZS Fused Cast Refractories offered by AGRM. As the demand for advanced refractory solutions continues to soar, more and more customers worldwide choose AGRM as their preferred partner for glass furnace projects, ensuring lasting success and prosperity.

Why is AGRM Refractory?

Superior Heat Resistance

Our AZS Fused Cast Refractories exhibit outstanding resistance to high temperatures, ensuring excellent performance in demanding industrial environments.

Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

These refractories are highly resistant to chemical corrosion, making them ideal for use in aggressive and corrosive atmospheres.

Extended Service Life

With their robust composition and exceptional durability, our AZS Fused Cast Refractories offer an extended service life, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance costs.

Consistent High-Quality Output

The use of premium raw materials and precise manufacturing processes ensures consistent and reliable performance, contributing to the production of top-quality glass products.

Trusted and Proven Track Record

Our AZS Fused Cast Refractories have been successfully used in numerous glass furnace projects worldwide, earning the trust and approval of numerous satisfied customers.

Expert Technical Support

Our team of experts provides comprehensive technical support, assisting customers in selecting the most suitable refractories and optimizing their furnace operations.

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