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High Alumina Runner Bricks

High Alumina Runner Bricks

We provide a comprehensive High Alumina Runner Bricks for steel ingot casting compositions. To cater to the unique needs of individual steel plants, we’ve established an extensive array of molds, enabling us to manufacture bespoke products or customized shapes that align precisely with diverse production demands.

High Alumina Brick – High Alumina Runner Bricks

Modle/itemFire-clayHigh Aluminaandalusite
Al2O3 %>36>40>48>55>65>70>57
Fe2O3 %<2.0<1.8<2.0<2.0<2.0<1.5<2.0
Alkalinity %<1.8<1.8<1.8<1.8<1.8<1.8/
Apparent porosity %17-25<22<25<26<26<25<25
Bulk Density g/cm3>2.1>2.18>2.2>2.25>2.3>2.35>2.30
Refractoriness ℃>1700>1710>1750>1770>1790>1790>1790
Application of High Alumina Refractory Bricks

The utilization of high alumina refractory bricks spans across a multitude of industrial applications, encompassing areas such as blast furnaces, Hot Blast Stoves, steel ladle linings, reheating furnaces, cement kilns, tunnel kilns, boilers, coke ovens, carbon furnaces, glass kilns, steel smelting furnaces, and a diverse range of kiln linings and thermal equipment.

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