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High Alumina Refractory Ball

High Alumina Refractory Ball

Our high alumina refractory balls crafted meticulously from prime industrial alumina and refractory kaolin, the primary raw materials. These exceptional balls are the result of a precise scientific formulation followed by a meticulous shaping process, culminating in a high-temperature calcination that imbues them with their remarkable properties.
Distinguished by their composition, our refractory alumina balls are available in two variations: the standard refractory ball and the high-aluminum resistance ball. The former demonstrates excellent resistance to elevated temperatures, withstanding up to 1900 degrees, while simultaneously boasting exceptional mechanical strength for extended periods of use.
The foundation of our product lies in the fusion of cutting-edge materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and stringent quality control, ensuring that each high alumina refractory ball embodies longevity, durability, and unrivaled performance under extreme conditions. Whether you require steadfast resistance to high temperatures or enduring mechanical integrity, our refractory alumina balls stand as a testament to innovation and excellence.

  • Substantial bulk density,
  • Exceptional refractoriness under varying loads,
  • Minimal susceptibility to creep,
  • Notable resistance against erosion, hydration, chalking, and spalling,
  • Relatively robust thermal shock resistance,
  • User-friendly operation, convenient replacement, and recyclable application.

High Alumina Brick – High Alumina Refractory Ball

High Alumina Refractory Ball Features

Exceptional High-Temperature Resilience: These refractory balls exhibit remarkable resistance to elevated temperatures, with the upper limit of heat tolerance reaching an impressive 1900 degrees. This ensures optimal performance even in the most extreme thermal environments.

Robust Mechanical Endurance: Engineered for longevity, these balls boast remarkable mechanical strength, ensuring an extended utilization cycle. Their ability to withstand rigorous conditions over a prolonged period speaks to their durability and reliability.

Outstanding Chemical Stability: The inherent chemical stability of these refractory balls prevents any adverse chemical reactions when they come into contact with different materials. This characteristic ensures the integrity of both the balls and the materials they interact with.

Unwavering Thermal Consistency: These balls are characterized by exceptional thermal stability and strength, maintaining their structural integrity even under intense thermal fluctuations. This quality makes them a reliable choice for applications involving varying temperature ranges.

Incorporating a synergy of advanced materials and precision engineering, our high alumina refractory balls stand as a testament to reliability, durability, and performance excellence in the face of extreme conditions.

High Alumina Refractory Ball Technical date

ItemHigh alumina Low creepMulliteCorundum
Refractoriness under load(°C)1450146015301650
Apparent Porosity(%)25232218
Bulk Density(g/cm3)
Cold crushing strength(Mpa)13143236
Thermal shock resistance
(1100°Cwater cooling) cycle ≥
Refractoriness(°C)171017501800 1800
High Alumina Refractory Ball Applications

High alumina balls find extensive application in the chemical fertilizer sector, particularly within high and low-temperature transformation furnaces, reformers, hydrogenation units, desulfurization tanks, and methanation furnaces. In these critical processes, they serve a multifaceted role by dispersing liquids, providing support, and serving as protective catalyst covers. Moreover, their versatility extends to the iron and steel industry, where they prove invaluable in heating furnaces and equipment transformations.

For industries involving sulfuric acid and fertilizers, the use of ordinary refractory balls is highly advantageous. These balls are ideally suited for converters and transformation furnaces, contributing significantly to the efficiency and reliability of these processes. On the other hand, the application of high alumina refractory balls shines in industries such as steel production, urea synthesis, hot blast furnaces, heating systems, and various transformation furnaces. Their exceptional properties align seamlessly with the rigorous demands of these sectors, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

The widespread application of high alumina balls underscores their indispensable role in enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining the integrity of equipment across a diverse range of industries.

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