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Pet Cremation Incinerator

Pet cremation incinerator

Pet cremation incinerator, also known as pet cremators or pet incinerators, is a specialized piece of furnace equipment used for the cremation of deceased pets or domestic animals from birds, cats and dogs.

pet cremation equipment

selection of animal cremation machine types

The selection of animal cremation machine depends on multiple factors, including scale, service scope, expected business growth rate, and pet density in the area. Here are some common processing capacity ranges:

  • Single-Chamber Animal cremation machine are suitable for small pet cremation businesses or individual cremation needs. These devices typically handle the bodies of several to a dozen pets per day. The advantage of small-scale equipment is its relatively low cost and suitability for smaller processing environments.
  • Multi-Chambered Animal cremation machine is suitable for medium-sized pet cremation businesses or enterprises that have established a certain customer base. This equipment can handle the bodies of dozens to hundreds of pets per day, offering higher processing capacity and efficiency.
  • Large-Chambered Animal cremation machine is suitable for large Animal cremation businesses or enterprises that have obtained a significant market share. These devices can handle the bodies of over a hundred to even several hundred pets per day, making them the largest capacity option.

When selecting Animal cremation machine, it’s important to consider future business growth and expansion to ensure the equipment can meet future demands. Additionally, factors such as the quality, safety, and environmental friendliness of the equipment are also important considerations. It’s advisable to choose a reliable supplier offering equipment with advanced technology. Want to know the pet cremation machine cost, please contact us to get the pet incinerator price.

The application sites for pet cremation incinerators

pet cremation incinerator for breeding farm
breeding farm
pet cremation incinerator for slaughterhouse
pet cremation incinerator for livestock farm
livestock farm
pet cremation incinerator for Pet Hospital
Pet Hospital
pet cremation incinerator for zoo

The applicable animals include pets and poultry

In addition to birds, cats, and dogs, pet cremation incinerators can also handle small mammals such as hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs, as well as larger mammals like rabbits, turtles, and guinea pigs, aquatic animals including fish, lobsters, and turtles, reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles, and other domestic birds such as parrots, quails, and ducks.

Smokeless and Odorless, Meeting Emission Standards pet cremation supplies

The emissions from the pet cremation incinerators are smokeless and odorless, meeting emission standards. The emission standards ensure that the emissions meet regulatory requirements. Efficient combustion ensures thorough incineration of animal bodies, reducing the emission of harmful substances.

Environmental performance is a dual guarantee for the surrounding environment and the health of operators.

The combustion system of the animal cremation equipment is crucial. The pet cremation furnace should have stable combustion performance and high thermal efficiency to ensure thorough incineration of animal bodies during the incineration process. In addition, the exhaust gas treatment system is also essential.

Animal cremation furnace exhaust gas treatment system can effectively remove the smoke generated during incineration and, through purification, convert harmful substances into harmless ones, thereby protecting the atmospheric environment.

incinerator dog cremation
pet incinerator
animal cremation machine
pet cremation furnace
dog cremation machine

Simple Structure, Easy Operation pet cremation machine

The pet cremation machine features an automatic control system with temperature settings and automatic temperature control.

A digital display makes product operation simple and easy. Handling of pet bodies is straightforward. The operation and maintenance costs of the incinerator are low.

The pet cremation machine is easy to operate and has low maintenance costs can significantly reduce the difficulty of use and operating costs, thereby improving efficiency.

pet cremation machine
pet cremation machine
pet cremation machine
pet cremation equipment cost
pet cremation machine

Pet Cremation furnaces are specifically designed for handling the remains of pets

Equipped with high-temperature burners, these furnaces completely and thoroughly incinerate the bodies of pets through the high temperatures generated during combustion. This process not only eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens but also effectively reduces environmental pollution.

Pet Cremation furnaces are specifically designed for handling the remains of pets

Design Features of Pet Cremation Furnaces

Pet cremation furnaces are designed with a focus on safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. They feature a closed design to ensure that no harmful gases leak during the incineration process. Inside the furnace, there is a temperature control system that can automatically adjust based on the size and type of pets, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of incineration.
The Pet Cremation Furnaces are also equipped with filtration and purification systems to effectively capture and treat harmful particles and gases released during combustion. The exhaust gases, after purification, comply with environmental standards and do not pollute the surrounding environment or air quality.

The Social Significance of Pet Cremation Furnaces Machine

The emergence of pet cremation furnaces fills the gap in the handling of pet remains. It provides pet owners with a legal, safe, and environmentally friendly option, allowing them to end their relationship with their pets in a respectful manner.
It also plays a positive role in public health by avoiding the risk of disease transmission and pollution caused by improper handling of pet remains.

The emergence of pet cremation furnaces is closely intertwined with the rise of pet-keeping culture

  • In the past, pets were often viewed as objects or tools, and the handling methods were often simple burial or disposal. However, as people’s emotional attachment to pets has increased, pet-keeping culture has gradually emerged, leading to changes in the way pet remains are handled.
  • Today, more and more people choose to send their pet remains to pet cremation furnaces for processing, to express respect for the lives of their pets and contribute to the development of pet-keeping culture. With the presence of pet cremation furnaces, we can give our furry companions a dignified and solemn farewell. Its existence not only meets the needs of pet owners but also promotes the development of pet-keeping culture.
  • Let us remember the companionship of pets and let pet cremation furnaces be the solid support for bidding farewell to our pets.

pet cremation incinerator parameter

Item/ModelWPS 20 (Manual)WPS 30 (Manual)WPS 50 (Manual)WPS 100 (Electric)WPS 150 (Electric)WPS 300 (Electric)WPS 500 (Electric)
Burning Capacity10-20kg / time20-30kg / time50-70kg / time80-100kg / time150-200kg / time200-300kg / time300-500kg / time
Primary Combustion Chamber Size (mm)Floor Size:920x420x320960x580x3501250x700x4801550x750x5501750x790x6501850x900x9002500x1080x1000
Outer Size1080x680x7001150x850x8501500x1150x1200800x1220x12002000x1260x14502300x1650x15602850x1750x1820
Feeding Port Size (mm)450×320600×350720×480770×550810×650920×9001100×1000
Secondary Combustion Chamber Size (mm)Φ500×600Φ500×600Φ700×900Φ800×1020Φ800×1020Φ900×1260Φ1300×1510
External Dimensions (mm)1080x680x11801750x1550x16502050x2000x2250 (+ deslagging 600)2250x2100x2570 (+ deslagging 700)2900x2100x2570 (+ deslagging 700)3000x2500x2760 (+ deslagging 700)3650x2950x3450 (+ deslagging 700)
Chimney Diameter (mm)Φ140x6mΦ159x6mΦ219x6mΦ273x6mΦ273x6mΦ325x6mΦ425x6m
Oxygen Supplement Fan (Power)0.18kw0.37kw0.55kw0.75kw0.75kw1.5kw3kw
Primary Combustion BurnerPowerPower0.13kw0.13kw0.13kw0.17kw0.17kw0.18kw0.37kw
Fuel ConsumptionWood: 2.5-5kgWood: 2.5-5kgWood: 2.5-5kgWood: 5-10kgWood: 5-10kgWood: 7.5-14.5kgWood: 10-26kg
Secondary Combustion BurnerPower0.13kw0.13kw0.13kw0.17kw0.17kw0.17kw0.17kw
Fuel ConsumptionWood: 2.5-5kgWood: 2.5-5kgWood: 2.5-5kgWood: 5-10kgWood: 5-10kgWood: 5-10kgWood: 5-10kg
Operating Voltage220V380V or 220V380V or 220V380V or 220V380V or 220V380V or 220V380V or 220V
Approximate Weight (kg)120020004500500060001200015000
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