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Medical Waste Incineration

Medical Waste Incineration

Comprehensive Medical Waste Incineration Solutions

Our medical waste incinerator offers a simple yet efficient design, making it an ideal solution for the disposal of medical waste generated by township health centers, clinics, and hospitals. This incinerator operates under anaerobic or oxygen-deficient conditions, ensuring that no nitrogen oxides are produced during the incineration process. It allows for the complete combustion of medical waste, eliminating harmful microorganisms, reducing waste volume, and minimizing environmental impact.


Our incinerator is suitable for a wide range of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, research institutions, public health units, convalescent homes, medical research centers, forensic laboratories, and various healthcare waste collection points.

Accepted Waste Types:

This incinerator is designed to handle various medical waste materials, including clinical infectious waste. It can effectively incinerate waste from surgeries, autopsies, as well as items contaminated with blood or bodily fluids such as medical instruments, bandages, gloves, syringes, infusion sets, and blood bags.

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types of medical waste incinerators

ModelDimensions (mm)Power (kw)Chimney (mm)Weight (kg)Operating Voltage (V)
AGRM-20-4900*600*7000.44Φ140*6m1500380 or 220
AGRM-30-41450*900*10200.63Φ159*6m2000380 or 220
AGRM-50-41800*1160*12000.81Φ219*6m3000380 or 220
AGRM-150-42000*1200*13601.01Φ219*6m4500380 or 220
AGRM-300-42200*1570*15101.8Φ530*6m8500380 or 220
AGRM-500-43000*1750*17103.34Φ620*6m12000380 or 220
Customizable to meet individual needs and preferences
Types of waste for Incineration Wxterior Design of Waste Incinerators Customization of Waste Processing Capacity Customization Immediately!

medical waste incineration Combustion and Flue Gas Process Flow

Burning Process Flow
  1. After sorting, the waste enters the primary combustion chamber in batches at scheduled intervals.
  2. By controlling the air intake, the waste undergoes a process of drying, thermal decomposition, and complete combustion within the primary combustion chamber. Ash and small particles that cannot be thermally decomposed are discharged from the furnace through an ash removal device.
  3. The gases generated during the drying and thermal decomposition process enter the secondary combustion chamber.
  4. Combustible gases, after thorough decomposition at temperatures exceeding 850°C for a minimum of 2 seconds, are then discharged for subsequent treatment processes.
Flue Gas Process Flow
  • Phase One: In the secondary combustion chamber, high-temperature gases are treated, and, under the influence of the rapid cooling tower, they effectively pass through the secondary synthesis conditions for dioxins within 2 seconds, going from 850°C to 180°C. Additionally, through the action of special nozzles for atomization, simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification occur.
  • Phase Two: Gases coming out of the rapid cooling tower, after desulfurization and cooling, go through the cyclone dust collector in the intermediate dust collector. This process effectively separates particulate matter from the gases and also removes large particles produced during the acid-neutralization process.
  • Phase Three: After being released, the smoke gases pass through a high-temperature pulse jet bag filter, which effectively adsorbs residual dust, fine particles, and components such as heavy metals and dioxins that adhere to the surface. This ensures that the tail gas treatment meets the standards.
  • Phase Four: The smoke gases, which have undergone precision filtration in the bag filter, are then discharged through the chimney, meeting the emission standards under the influence of the centrifugal fan.
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Key Features of ARGM medical incinerators

Advancing Sustainable Medical Waste Disposal

Meeting Healthcare Waste Management Needs

In the realm of healthcare, the need for safe and efficient medical waste disposal is paramount. Our versatile range of medical incinerators, including hospital incinerators and clinical waste incinerators, offers a comprehensive solution for biomedical waste management. We understand the importance of environmentally responsible waste disposal and work diligently to provide advanced incineration technology that ensures the safe disposal of medical waste.

Comprehensive Medical Waste Solutions

Handling Diverse Waste Types

Our medical waste incineration equipment is engineered to handle a broad spectrum of waste types, from clinical waste to biohazardous materials. From small-scale clinical facilities to large hospitals, our medical incinerators can efficiently handle various waste streams, including sharps, infectious waste, and more. This comprehensive approach to medical waste incineration aligns with the highest standards in medical waste disposal.

Adaptable and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Mobile Medical Waste Incinerators

One of the core advantages of our medical incinerators is their adaptability. They can be effectively used in multiple medical settings, and the range of options includes mobile medical waste incinerators, offering a portable solution for healthcare facilities with evolving needs. These mobile units are easily transportable, allowing them to be set up in various locations as required, providing a dynamic waste disposal solution.

Prioritizing Safety and Compliance

Eco-Friendly Features for Compliance

Our hospital waste incinerators and clinical waste incinerators incorporate eco-friendly features such as smokeless incineration, which minimizes emissions and ensures that medical waste is incinerated in compliance with stringent medical waste incineration regulations. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and adherence to environmental standards, making our incineration technology an ideal choice for hospital waste incineration.

Your Trusted Medical Waste Solution Provider

Range of Options, Competitive Prices

Looking for a medical waste incinerator for sale? We offer a wide range of sizes and models to suit your specific requirements, and our competitive medical waste incinerator prices cater to healthcare facilities of all sizes. When it comes to medical waste incineration locations, our equipment can be conveniently installed in various settings.

Beyond Medical Waste Disposal

Expanding into Biomedical Waste Management

In addition to addressing the needs of medical waste disposal, our incinerators find application in wider biomedical waste management scenarios. With options that include biomedical waste incinerators, we offer an array of incineration equipment designed to meet the demands of diverse healthcare environments.

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Your Partner in Healthcare Waste Management

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Smokeless and Odorless
Meeting Emission Standards The incinerator emits no smoke or odor, complying with national emission standards.

High-Temperature Pyrolysis Gasification Technology
High-Temperature Pyrolysis Gasification Technology This innovative high-temperature pyrolysis gasification technology involves high-temperature incineration, ensuring safety and no pollution.

Simple Structure
Simple and user-friendly structure Equipped with an automatic control system, temperature settings, and digital displays for easy operation and quick adaptation.

After-Sales Team Installation and Commissioning Services
We provide installation and commissioning services with an experienced and mature team.

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medical incinerators Project Cases

Medical Waste Incinerator Case Study for a Hospital Project Background: A rural health clinic located in a remote area faced challenges in transporting medical waste. Nurses at the clinic came across AGRM’s product introduction and discovered that AGRM’s medical waste incinerator could effectively handle medical waste, ensuring smokeless and odorless emissions meeting emission standards.

Types of Waste: Clinical Medical Waste Processing
Capacity: AGRM-20-4, 10-20KG per hour
Emission Standards: Reduction and elimination of emissions, smokeless and odorless

A Health Clinic Project Background: This health clinic project is a government initiative involving five rural health clinics in need of medical waste incinerators. After thorough evaluations, AGRM was the chosen provider. AGRM also dispatched a team of skilled technicians for on-site installation and commissioning. The five clinics were individually fine-tuned, and the clients expressed high satisfaction with the incineration performance of the hospital waste incinerators.

Emission Standards: Reduction and elimination of emissions, smokeless and odorless

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