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Hazardous Waste Incinerator

Hazardous Waste Incinerator

AGRM incinerators designed to efficiently handle hazardous waste, including special and toxic waste. These hazardous waste incineration facilities are comprehensive solutions for the safe disposal of various waste streams, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and high-temperature incineration of hazardous waste. Our state-of-the-art hazardous waste incineration plant ensures the controlled and enviro0nmentally responsible destruction of hazardous materials. With our hazardous incinerator technology, we uphold the highest standards in waste management, addressing the most stringent regulations and environmental requirements. Trust us to deliver the cutting-edge solutions needed to manage and dispose of hazardous waste with utmost safety and precision.

Horizontal Medical Waste Incinerator
Power (kw): 0.44 – 3.34 (customizable)
Chimney (mm): Φ1406m – Φ6206m (customizable)

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Vertical Medical Waste Incinerator
Capacity: 1 ton – 20 tons (customizable)
Power (kW): 0.44 – 3.34 (customizable)

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Hazardous Waste Incinerator Application

Suitable for hospitals, research institutes, health and epidemic prevention agencies, convalescent homes, medical research institutions, forensic laboratories, laboratories, and various types of centralized medical waste management.


Hospital Clinical Infectious Waste includes waste generated from patient surgeries, autopsies, and materials contaminated with blood or bodily fluids. It also encompasses waste medical equipment and other materials such as used dressings, discarded medical gloves, used syringes, used IV sets, and used blood transfusion equipment, among others.

AGRM Medical Waste Incinerators Customized to Your Needs
Meeting the Environmental Incineration Requirements for Medical Waste

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Smokeless and Odorless, Meeting Emission Standards

Our incinerators produce smokeless and odorless emissions, with no smoke or unpleasant smells, and they meet the national emission standards.

High-Temperature Pyrolysis Gasification Technology

Our advanced high-temperature pyrolysis gasification technology involves high-temperature incineration for safe and pollution-free waste disposal.

Simple Structure, Easy Operation

Equipped with an automatic control system, temperature settings, and digital displays, our product is straightforward to operate and user-friendly.

Installation and Commissioning

Experienced installation and commissioning team that offers on-site installation and commissioning, as well as lifetime service support.


Comprehensive Turnkey Engineering Services – From concept to completion, we offer a full spectrum of engineering solutions. Our services encompass site assessments, design and planning, custom manufacturing, architectural and engineering design, construction supervision, and installation and commissioning, providing you with a turnkey project delivery to ensure successful project implementation.

Site Assessment

Design and Planning


Architectural and Engineering Design


Installation and Commissioning

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