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Animal Incinerators

Animal Incinerators

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Animal Incinerators for Various Needs

In the realm of animal waste management, our cutting-edge animal incinerators stand as the ideal solution for farms, slaughterhouses, veterinary hospitals, pet crematoriums, zoos, and any facility that requires the safe and responsible disposal of animal remains. Our incineration technology is designed to address a wide spectrum of waste types, ensuring that you have an efficient and eco-friendly method at your disposal.

  • Farms: Agricultural operations can rely on our incinerators for the efficient disposal of fallen stock and other animal remains.
  • Slaughterhouses: The slaughter industry benefits from our incinerators to manage animal carcasses efficiently.
  • Pet Hospitals and Crematoriums: For veterinary practices and pet crematoriums, our incinerators provide a safe and hygienic way to manage deceased pets.
  • Zoos: Zoos can use our incinerators to ensure the responsible disposal of animal remains.
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types of Animal Carcass Incinerators

ModelDimensions (mm)Power (kw)Chimney (mm)Weight (kg)Operating Voltage (V)
AGRM-20-31080*680*7000.44Φ140*6m1500380 or 220
AGRM-30-31100*820*7000.63Φ159*6m2000380 or 220
AGRM-50-31500*1150*11200.81Φ219*6m3000380 or 220
AGRM-150-32000*1260*13501.14Φ219*6m6500380 or 220
AGRM-300-32200*1580*16501.97Φ530*6m12000380 or 220
AGRM-500-32850*1750*17203.51Φ620*6m15000380 or 220
Customizable to meet individual needs and preferences
Types of waste for Incineration Wxterior Design of Waste Incinerators Customization of Waste Processing Capacity Customization Immediately!

Animal Carcass Incinerators Process Flow

Burning Process Flow
  1. After sorting, the waste enters the primary combustion chamber in batches at scheduled intervals.
  2. By controlling the air intake, the waste undergoes a process of drying, thermal decomposition, and complete combustion within the primary combustion chamber. Ash and small particles that cannot be thermally decomposed are discharged from the furnace through an ash removal device.
  3. The gases generated during the drying and thermal decomposition process enter the secondary combustion chamber.
  4. Combustible gases, after thorough decomposition at temperatures exceeding 850°C for a minimum of 2 seconds, are then discharged for subsequent treatment processes.
Flue Gas Process Flow
  • Phase One: In the secondary combustion chamber, high-temperature gases are treated, and, under the influence of the rapid cooling tower, they effectively pass through the secondary synthesis conditions for dioxins within 2 seconds, going from 850°C to 180°C. Additionally, through the action of special nozzles for atomization, simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification occur.
  • Phase Two: Gases coming out of the rapid cooling tower, after desulfurization and cooling, go through the cyclone dust collector in the intermediate dust collector. This process effectively separates particulate matter from the gases and also removes large particles produced during the acid-neutralization process.
  • Phase Three: After being released, the smoke gases pass through a high-temperature pulse jet bag filter, which effectively adsorbs residual dust, fine particles, and components such as heavy metals and dioxins that adhere to the surface. This ensures that the tail gas treatment meets the standards.
  • Phase Four: The smoke gases, which have undergone precision filtration in the bag filter, are then discharged through the chimney, meeting the emission standards under the influence of the centrifugal fan.
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Key Features of ARGM Animal Incinerators

  • High-Temperature Disposal: Our incinerators offer high-temperature incineration, which not only effectively disposes of animal carcasses but also ensures complete sterilization and pathogen eradication. This feature prevents the secondary spread of diseases and mitigates health risks in environments where animals are handled.
  • Sterilization and Disinfection: Our incineration process incorporates sterilization and disinfection, which makes the remains of animals safe for handling and disposal. It’s particularly crucial for facilities like veterinary clinics and pet hospitals.
  • Harmless Disposal: We prioritize the safe and harmless disposal of animal waste. Our incinerators ensure that the waste is reduced to ashes without any harmful emissions, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Stability in Operation: Our incinerators are built for long-term, stable operation, providing you with a dependable solution for your animal waste disposal needs.
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Animal Incinerators Ranges

We offer a variety of incinerator models, including pet incinerators, poultry incinerators, livestock incinerators, cattle incinerators, and more. Our product range is tailored to different needs, ensuring that you can find the perfect solution for your facility.

Competitive Pricing:

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we offer competitive animal incinerator prices that cater to various budgets.

If you’re looking for an animal incinerator for sale or want to learn more about our products, including used pet incinerators for sale, please reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing top-notch animal waste incineration solutions that are both safe and efficient.

Our incinerators are designed to address the unique needs of different facilities, ensuring that animal waste management is eco-friendly, responsible, and reliable. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and get pricing details. We’re here to help you find the ideal incineration solution for your facility.

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