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AGRM Molybdenum Electrode For Kiln

AGRM Molybdenum Electrode, a cutting-edge solution engineered to elevate your industrial processes to new heights. With a minimum Molybdenum content of 99.95%, this electrode sets the standard for purity and performance.

Experience unparalleled high-temperature strength, empowering your operations to thrive even under the most extreme heat conditions. Say goodbye to frequent replacements as our Molybdenum Electrode boasts an extended service life, ensuring cost-effectiveness and uninterrupted productivity.

Corrosion resistance is at the core of our electrode’s design, making it a dependable choice for challenging environments. No more worries about chemical exposure hindering your progress.


Unleash the potential of the Molybdenum Electrode across diverse applications, from daily glass production to optical glass manufacturing and insulation materials. Its versatility knows no bounds, revolutionizing various industries and pushing boundaries of productivity and quality.
With diameters ranging from 10mm to 100mm and lengths spanning 150mm to 1500mm, our Molybdenum Electrode can be tailored to your precise needs, offering flexibility and optimization for your specific processes.

Upgrade your operations today with our exceptional Molybdenum Electrode, where purity, high-temperature strength, extended service life, and corrosion resistance combine to create a superior solution that drives success in your endeavors. Embrace innovation and excellence with our Molybdenum Electrode – the catalyst for your industrial triumph.

AGRM Molybdenum Electrode For Sale

Molybdenum electrodes have high high-temperature strength, good high-temperature oxidation resistance, and long service life. Based on these advantages, they are usually used in fields such as daily glass, optical glass, insulation materials, glass fibers, and rare earth industry.


The main component of molybdenum electrodes is molybdenum, which is produced through powder metallurgy process. The internationally used molybdenum electrode has a composition content of 99.95% and a density greater than 10.15g/cm3 to ensure the quality of glass and the service life of the electrode. The commonly used molybdenum electrode sizes range from 20mm in diameter to 152.4mm, and a single length can reach 1500mm.

Using molybdenum electrodes to replace existing heavy oil and gas energy sources can effectively reduce environmental pollution and improve the quality of glass.

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