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Graphite Electrode Lift Plug

Graphite Electrode Lift Plug

Diameter Range: 177.17 mm to 431.8 mm

The graphite electrode lift plug serves as a proficient handling tool designed for lifting and managing graphite electrodes or electrode columns during furnace operations. Its diameter range spans from 177.17 mm to 431.8 mm, ensuring compatibility with various electrode sizes.

The graphite electrode lift plug serves the purpose of transferring graphite electrodes and electrode columns to and from the electric arc furnace. It functions as a secure and efficient lifting apparatus equipped with a hoisting ring. This design effectively prevents accidental electrode breakage and thread injuries resulting from vibrations during the lifting process.

Our lifting plugs are crafted using high-quality certified steel components along with authentic graphite parts. The threads of these lifting plugs are meticulously aligned with the electrode socket, maintaining consistency with the graphite electrode’s characteristics. When transporting electrode columns, we recommend the use of a shock absorber to ensure added protection.

By employing our graphite electrode lift plugs, you can assure safe and seamless handling of electrodes and electrode columns, enhancing operational efficiency while safeguarding against potential damages.

Graphite Electrode Lift Plug Specification

ItemGraphite Pin SizeSmall Lifting Bail
9″ H × 8″ W
Medium Lifting Bail
19″ H × 8″ W
Large Lifting Bail
39″ H × 8″ W
Plug Capacity
* The weights of graphite electrode lift plug are approximate based on standard bail.

Why Choose AGRM Graphite Electrode Nipple

  • Demonstrates remarkable precision in thread accuracy.
  • Exhibits resistance to high temperatures, ensuring durability.
  • High machining precision results in superior surface finish.
  • Possesses exceptional resistance against breakage.
  • Provides a secure and effective solution for transferring electrodes.
  • Each unit is proof-tested using a certified and calibrated hydraulic testing machine.
  • An aerial view capturing a steelmaking plant’s surroundings.
  • Graphite lift plugs integrated within the electrodes.
  • Graphite lift plugs utilized in the course of the EAF steelmaking process.
  • Graphite lift plugs involved in EAF smelting operations.

These features and applications collectively underscore the reliability, precision, and safety assured by our graphite lift plugs throughout various stages of steelmaking, contributing to efficient and secure electrode handling.

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