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AGRM Filter Bag For Kiln

Dust removal bags generally refer to dust removal filter bags. Dust removal filter bag is an efficient dust removal filter material. The dust removal filter bag is made of polyester short fibers, PPS fibers, pp polypropylene, aramid fibers, Yilun fibers, and other raw materials. The service life is generally 2-4 years, with good breathability, high dust collection rate, easy dust removal, and a dust removal efficiency of 99.99%. Has good PM 2.5 removal performance. Purpose: Bag components for dust collecting; Dust removal efficiency: 99.99%


Dust removal filter bag is an efficient dust removal filter material with good ventilation performance, high dust removal efficiency, and a certain degree of acid, alkali, and heat resistance. During the weaving process, multilateral velvet is used, which increases the thickness of the fabric and is elastic. The dust removal effect is very good, and the dust removal rate can reach 99%. The dust removal filter bag is made of polyester short fiber or long fiber as raw material, with a service life generally 4-6 times that of glass fiber fabric. It has good breathability, high dust collection rate, capacity for dust removal, and dust removal efficiency up to 99%.

AGRM Filter Bag For Sale

The filter bag is the heart of a bag filter during its operation. Usually, a cylindrical pulse type filter bag is vertically suspended in the dust collector, and the dusty gas enters the dust collector through the air inlet. After passing through the guide plate of the ash hopper, some large particles of dust in the gas are separated by inertia force and directly fall into the ash hopper.


Dust containing gas enters the filter bag filtration area of the box, and the vast majority of dust is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag. Clean gas enters the inside of the filter bag through the filter material, and the purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth before being discharged through the air outlet. The cage frame inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag, prevent it from collapsing, and at the same time, it helps to remove and redistribute dust cakes.

ItemApplicable to various dust removal filter bags
Pulse bag dust collector with elastic ring at the bag mouthPulse bag filter(upper cover type)
Chamber reverse-blowbag filter (bag cap type)
Bag opening binding typePulse bag filter (upper or lower top type)
Bag opening with steel wire ringPulse bag filter
Mechanical rotary reverse-blow bag filter
Bag opening ropeChamber reverse-blowbag filter
Bag opening with sealing ringSide plug-in bag filter
Bag opening with lifting hookMechanical vibrating bag dust collector
Chamber reverse-blowbag filter
  • According to the cross-sectional shape of the dust removal filter bag, it is divided into flat bags (trapezoidal and flat) and circular bags (cylindrical).
  • According to the air inlet and outlet methods, it can be divided into: lower inlet and upper outlet, upper inlet and lower outlet, and direct flow (only limited to flat bags).
  • According to the filtration method of dust removal filter bags, they are divided into external filtration and internal filtration.
  • According to the temperature bearing capacity of dust removal filter bags, they are divided into high temperature, medium temperature, and normal temperature types.
Application fields
  • Ironmaking plants, steelmaking plants, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, casting plants, power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, grain processing plants
  • Carbon black plants, aluminum plants, etc
The main usage conditions to consider when selecting filter materials are
  • The characteristics (temperature, chemical properties) of the dusty gas processed by the dust collector.
  • The characteristics of dust.
  • Dust removal method of dust collector
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