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Control System for Kiln

  • Through this system, basic control of the target kiln is achieved, including the pressure inside the kiln, temperature of various parts, and oxygen content in the exhaust gas. And it can be linked with corresponding combustion, feeding, discharge and other parameters to achieve automatic control.
  • It is used to control the regulation and control system of combustion valve train. It can realize man-machine conversation through WINCC on Industrial PC (industrial personal computer). The purpose of controlling the combustion system is achieved by adjusting parameters on the computer interface.
  • Store various detection data of the target kiln and analyze historical data to provide assistance for engineering and technical personnel in adjusting process parameters.
  • Set alarms for important parameters. And store and analyze alarm data to help identify problem points.
  • Organize the stored relevant data and generate electronic daily reports as needed.
Control System for Kiln

aGRM control system characteristics

  • Use Siemens, Omron and other excellent PLC
  • Industrial computer human-machine dialogue interface is user friendly
  • The system is equipped with UPS power supply, which can ensure a 30 minute security time
  • Remote control capability
  • 24-hour service hotline
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