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Oxy-Fuel Burner Kiln Equipment – High-Performance Solutions!

The oxy-fuel burner combustion kiln, with its unique combustion method, differs from traditional air-assisted combustion technology in many aspects. This poses new requirements for combustion equipment, control systems, operational concepts, and exhaust gas treatment. With our extensive practical experience, we can provide tailored comprehensive solutions based on the specific needs of our clients and projects.

Combustion Valve Train

Unlock precision control and optimal fuel delivery with our advanced combustion valve train. Experience smooth and reliable operation, ensuring consistent performance throughout your kiln processes.

Combustion Equipment Burner

Our high-performance burners are engineered for maximum efficiency and combustion stability. Experience uniform heat distribution, reduced fuel consumption, and lower emissions, leading to cost savings and sustainable operations.

Control System

Embrace the power of automation with our state-of-the-art control system. Seamlessly manage various kiln parameters, temperature profiles, and energy consumption, empowering you with enhanced process control and productivity.

Graphite Electrode

Optimize your kiln’s electric heating process with our premium graphite electrodes. Experience superior electrical conductivity and long-lasting performance, ensuring reliable heating for a wide range of industrial applications.

Environmental Equipment

Committed to sustainability, our environmental equipment ensures compliance with emission regulations. Safeguard your operations and the environment with cutting-edge technologies for emissions control.

Molybdenum Electrode

Our molybdenum electrodes offer exceptional resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, making them ideal for demanding kiln operations requiring precise electrical performance.

Silicon Carbide Rod

Harness the strength and durability of silicon carbide rods for efficient and consistent heating in extreme conditions. These rods are the perfect choice for high-temperature applications, ensuring extended lifespan and reliability.

Filter Bag

Preserve air quality and safeguard your equipment with our high-quality filter bags. Engineered to capture and retain particulate matter, they contribute to a clean and healthy work environment while optimizing equipment longevity.

AGRM Furnace Equipment

At Oxy-Fuel Burner Kiln Equipment, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge components, designed to optimize efficiency and elevate your industrial processes.

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AGRM Professional Technical Team Can Provide You with the Following Services

On Site Technical Support

AGRM professional engineers can install and debug your equipment to ensure its correct and safe operation.


AGRM can also provide training on the operation and maintenance of burners and Valve Trains, helping your team better understand and use this equipment.

Remote Technical Support

If you encounter problems while using the device, AGRM’s technical support team can provide assistance through phone, email, or online chat.


Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the equipment. AGRM can provide maintenance services for your burners and valve manifolds, including cleaning, inspection, repair or replacement of parts. If necessary, we can provide remote diagnosis and debugging through the network.

System upgrades and improvements, with the development of technology, you may wish to upgrade or improve your device. AGRM can provide upgrade services or suggest new products and solutions that are suitable for you.
If you are a customer of AGRM’s combustion system, please feel free to contact our technical team for any issues you wish to solve. We are happy to provide you with effective services.

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