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kakugy Guo Senior Engineer

CEO & Author Introduction
Advanced Refractory Materials and Furnace Technology
Leader in Oxygen Combustion Technology

Since 2008, Kakugy has been specializing in the application and promotion of oxy-fuel combustion technology in high-temperature fields, particularly in the glass industry. He has accumulated experience in the design and operation of over 70 oxy-fuel combustion glass furnaces and a small number of furnaces in the metallurgical industry. He is one of the earliest individuals in China to work with oxy-fuel combustion furnace technology and played a major role in drafting the national standard for “Oxy-fuel Combustion Glass Furnace.” With 20 years of experience in the refractory materials industry, he has a deep technical expertise in industrial furnaces and refractory materials technology. He has unique insights into the selection and matching of refractory materials for different types of furnaces. He is also involved in the import and export business of refractory materials on an annual basis.

Kakugy holds various positions within industry organizations, including being a member of the China Glass Energy Conservation Professional Committee, Vice Chairman of the “Glass” magazine, Vice Chairman of the Kiln Professional Committee of the Glass Subsociety of the China Silicate Society, a member of the Expert Committee of the China Daily Glass Association, a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the China Daily Glass Association, and a member of the Glass Technology Exchange Committee of the China Light Industry Information Center. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Refractory Materials Professional Committee of the Glass Furnace Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association.

Notably, Kakugy is credited with pioneering oxy-fuel combustion furnaces for various glass products in China, including electronic microcrystalline glass, lead-free drawn glass, high whiteness glass, refined white glass, crystal glass containers, low-boron silicon pharmaceutical glass (amber and clear), sodium-calcium pharmaceutical glass, glass microspheres, electronic materials (low-melting-point sealing glass), high-boron silicon utensil glass, cosmetic bottle glass, glass beads, and automotive lens glass.
Since 2010, Kakugy has published more than ten papers on oxy-fuel combustion technology in publications such as “Building Glass and Industrial Glass,” “Guangzhou Industrial Glass,” “Glass and Enamel,” and “Glass.”
He also holds several patents related to oxy-fuel combustion technology.

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