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Refractory Lining In Blast Furnace

Refractory Lining In Blast Furnace

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Within the interior of a blast furnace, employing various types of refractory materials for its lining is crucial to shield the structure from the impact of high temperatures, corrosion, and mechanical stresses.

What Kind of blast furnace refractory lining?

The refractory lining in a blast furnace typically consists of several types of refractory materials strategically placed to withstand the harsh conditions within the furnace. The primary types of refractory lining in a blast furnace include

Type 1Spray Coating MaterialProvides an additional protective layer, preventing corrosion and abrasion on the furnace walls, thereby enhancing the lining’s durability.
Type 2No-Bake Tapping MixUsed to form and maintain a refractory structure in the tapping channel, ensuring the smooth flow of molten iron.
Type 3Gutter Covering MaterialPrevents corrosion and wear on channel surfaces caused by slag and molten iron, ensuring unobstructed flow.
Type 4Spray Repair MaterialRepairs damaged or worn sections of the furnace lining, extending the furnace’s lifespan and improving production efficiency.

Type 1:Spray Painting Material

The bulk material made of clay clinker as raw material, mixed with micro-powder as additive and cement as binder is used as the protective layer on the whole inner surface of blast furnace and hot blast furnace, as well as the working lining of blast furnace head, gas outlet pipe and dust collector.

Chemical ComponentsAI2O34035456050(CaO 0.5)
bending strength110°C×24hMpa4.
linear change on reheating(1300°C×3h)±1.0±1.0±1.0(1400°C)±1.0±1.0(800°C)±1.0
Bulk density(1300°C×3h)g/cm31.651.41.952.30.95(110°C)2.10
Thermal ConductivityW/m.k0.55~0.7(1000°C)0.3~0.4(350°C)<0.27(850°C)

Type 2:Baking-free Ramming Materials and Channel Materials for Small and Medium Sized Blast Furnaces

Iron hook non-baking ramming material has the characteristics of good construction performance, stable thermal shock performance, high strength, anti-erosion, no baking and so on. The material is mainly used for medium and small blast furnace iron ditch below 1000°C.

ITEMUNITChannel castableTapping channel bake-free castableJoint mortar
Chemical ComponentsAI2O35560555055
Bulk density110°C×24hg/cm32.52.62.4*2.3*
bending strength110°C×24hMpa5.05.07*5*1.0
compressive strength110°C×24hMpa353830*20*
linear change rate1450°C×3h0~-0.50~-0.5
*The index is 220°C x 3h

Type 3:Gunning Mix

The blast furnace propellant has good bonding strength, so that it can be firmly bonded with the surface. It has good wear resistance and CO corrosion resistance and long service life.

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