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Molten Steel Pouring Refractory

Molten Steel Pouring Refractory

Steelmaking and casting-grade silicon-aluminum refractory bricks are high-quality molten steel pouring refractory materials designed for use in high-temperature environments during steel production and casting processes. These silicon-aluminum refractory bricks exhibit outstanding resistance to heat and abrasion, making them well-suited for enduring the extreme conditions associated with these industrial applications.

Key features of silicon-aluminum refractory bricks include:

  1. High-Temperature Stability: These refractory bricks maintain their structural integrity under high-temperature conditions, withstanding the intense heat generated during steelmaking and casting.
  2. Exceptional Heat Resistance: Silicon-aluminum refractory bricks are known for their superior resistance to extremely high temperatures, making them ideal for withstanding the rigorous demands of steel production.
  3. Abrasion Resistance: They can resist wear and tear caused by molten steel, liquid metal, and other slag materials, ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of the bricks.
  4. Chemical Erosion Resistance: These refractory bricks are capable of withstanding chemical erosion from the steelmaking process, ensuring durability and stability.
  5. Hardness and Strength: Silicon-aluminum refractory bricks possess the necessary hardness and strength to withstand mechanical stresses at high temperatures.

Silicon-aluminum refractory bricks for steelmaking and casting are indispensable materials in the steel industry, ensuring smooth production processes, prolonging equipment lifespan, and improving overall production efficiency. Whether used in blast furnaces or casting facilities, these refractory bricks play a critical role in enabling high-quality steel production.

molten steel pouring refractories

Clay Brick

The clay bricks used for molten steel casting include: funnel brick, cast pipe brick, center brick, three-flow steel brick, two-flow steel brick, flow steel brick, flow steel tail brick, flow steel bend brick and ingot mold bottom brick. The product has the characteristics of moderate strength, thermal shock resistance, no steel leakage, no sticking slag and so on.

Chemical Components AI2O3403628
linear change on reheating(1350°C×2h)+0.1~-0.3
Apparent porosity17~25
Sillimanite Brick
ITEMUNITSillimanite Brick
Apparent porosity22
Cold Crushing StrengthMpa50
linear change on reheating(1400°C×2h)0.3
Thermal shock resistance(1100°C water-cycle)Time5
Low Creep Andalusite Brick
Chemical Components AI2O370656055
 Fe2O3  111.31.3
Apparent porosity19(21)19(21)19(21)19(21)
Bulk densityg/cm32.
compressive strengthMpa65(55)65(55)70(60)70(60)
refractoriness under load°C1650165016301630
linear change on reheating(1500°C ×2h)0~+0.50~+0.50~+0.50~+0.5
Thermal shock stability(1100°C )Per30252520
Creep rate0.8(1500°C×50h)0.8(1450°C×50h)0.8(1400°C×50h)0.8(1400°C×50h)
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