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Hot Air furnace Monolithic Refractories

Hot Air furnace Monolithic Refractories

A hot blast stove is a thermal equipment that heats the air supplied to a blast furnace from ambient temperature to a high temperature (above 1200°C). The refractory materials used in hot blast stoves include fillers for the dome, lightweight spray coating for heat insulation lining of the hot air duct (including the air supply branch pipe, main duct, and blast furnace surrounding pipe), clay-based casting material for the working lining, and corundum or chrome corundum casting material for the working lining of the blast furnace surrounding pipe and air supply branch pipe. The flue and chimney serve as passages for exhaust gas, and their lining is generally made of clay-based casting material or lightweight spray coating.

ITEMUNITHigh Alumina CastableSelf-Flow CastableCorundum Castable
Chemical Components AI2O35070559090
Bulk densityg/cm32.
Cold Crushing Strength110°C×24hMpa2030104040
linear change on reheating1300°C×3h±0.51400°C×3h±0.51350°C×3h±0.51400°C×3h±0.5
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