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Coke Oven Kiln Refractory Bricks

Coke Oven Kiln Refractory Bricks

A coke oven is a thermally complex and long-term continuously operated heat processing equipment. Its purpose is to heat coal to 950-1050°C under oxygen-isolated conditions for dry distillation, thereby obtaining coke and other by-products. Silicon bricks, due to their excellent thermal conductivity, high load softening temperature, good high-temperature mechanical strength, stable high-temperature volume changes, low refractoriness, minimal residual expansion, and strong resistance to acidic slag erosion, have become the primary refractory material for coke ovens.

Silicon bricks are used in various key parts of coke ovens, including regenerative chamber walls, inclined channels, carbonization chamber bottoms, furnace walls, and furnace roofs.

The use of silicon bricks in coke oven construction can elevate the combustion chamber temperature, reduce coking time, increase coke oven production capacity, and extend the life of the coke oven. Therefore, modern large-scale coke ovens are mainly constructed using silicon bricks.

Clay Brick

Chemical ComponentsAI2O332~42
 K2O+Na2O 1.0
Apparent porosity24
Cold Crushing StrengthMpa25
0.2Mpa refractoriness under load°C1350
Heating permanent line change(1350°C×2h)+0.2~-0.4
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