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Alumina Silicon Carbide Castable

Alumina Silicon Carbide Castable

Monolithic Refractories

The product has the characteristics of strong resistance to slag etching, erosion resistance and good thermal shock stability.

Aluminum silicon carbide castable is a versatile refractory material comprising granular and powdered components, created by incorporating a specific binder into a refractory base material. This specialized castable possesses remarkable fluidity, making it ideal for forming unshaped refractory structures through casting. In comparison to other non-structured refractory materials, it boasts higher binder and moisture content, resulting in superior fluidity. Consequently, this refractory material finds extensive utility across various applications, allowing for the tailored selection of refractory materials and binders based on specific usage conditions. Whether it is directly cast as a lining or employed as a precast block via casting or compaction, aluminum silicon carbide castable delivers exceptional performance.

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Alumina Silicon Carbide Castable Specification

TypeHigh temp Silica-carbide
MaterialSilicon carbide refractory castableSilicon carbide refractory castable
Max working temp.(℃)15501650
Bulk density after drying at 110℃, g/cm33.03.0
Chemical analysis, %Al2O3≤219
Cold bending strength (Mpa)110℃*24H1212
Cold crushing strength
Linear change after heating, %1000℃*3H-0.2-0.1
Thermal conductivity, kcal/mh, ℃811
Water Addition7-8%6-7%
Construction methodVibrationVibration
ApplicationGarbage incineratorNonferrous Metal Furnaces, Cement kiln & other Industrial Furnaces
Features of Aluminum Silicon Carbide Castable

Exceptional High-Temperature Resistance: Aluminum silicon carbide castable exhibits outstanding resistance to extremely high temperatures, remaining stable and non-melting even under severe thermal conditions.

  • High Bulk Density and Low Porosity: This refractory castable boasts a high bulk density and minimal porosity, rendering it highly resilient to the effects of molten iron and iron slag.
  • Superior Thermal Shock Resistance: Refractory alumina silicon carbide castable excels in thermal shock resistance, enduring the challenges posed by sudden temperature fluctuations during molten iron inflow and subsequent temperature variations.
  • Robust Oxidation Resistance: After the flow of molten iron, the high-temperature lining of this castable remains unreactive with oxygen in the surrounding air, ensuring prolonged durability.
  • Strong Chemical Resistance: Aluminum silicon carbide castable demonstrates exceptional resistance to chemical interactions, particularly with iron slag.
  • High-Temperature and Volume Stability: This refractory castable maintains stability at elevated temperatures, resisting molten iron and preventing slag adhesion, which facilitates easy cleaning.

Incorporate aluminum silicon carbide castable into your refractory solutions to benefit from its impressive thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties across a wide range of applications.

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