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Refractory Solutions for Iron and Steel

steel ladle refractory

Refractory in Steel Industry

Supply refractory in steel industry. As a supplier of Kiln refractory materials to the steel sector, we can supply refractory in steel making include steel ladle refractory lining, steel ladle refractory, kinds of refractory in steel industry making

Refractory in steel making

Refractory in steel making for Steel Ladle include steel ladle refractory lining and refractory paste, is a kind of refractory in steel industry. Supply the whole refractories in steel making solution for the lining and working lining: bottom, sidewall and slag line.

From Consultation to Installation

AGRM steel ladle refractory Products has the experience of selecting the right type of steel refractory materials. Ladle linings designed such as iron charging ladles, torpedo cars, transfer ladles, and more. Supply the consultation to installation

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