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Refractory Solutions for Glass Furnace


Providing the Glass Industry Furnace Refractory Manufacturing. With over 40 years of dedicated research and development within the glass market, we have the expertise to glass Furnace Refractory solutions.

  • Dedicated sales personnel ready to respond 24/7/365.
  • Benefit from our comprehensive refractories supply chain in Asia, with hundreds of factories producing glass furnace refractory products across the region.
Global Projects and Engineering
  • Our team of experts in new projects offers a comprehensive range of services, from being your glass furnace refractory product supplier to becoming your complete installation partner.
  • Greenfield glass furnace refractory construction
  • Manufacturing and plant modernization, Meeting advanced engineering requirements for existing facilities
  • End-to-end glass furnace refractory delivery: from drawings to products and installation Robust conceptual drawing capabilities with meticulous attention to detail
Installation, Services, and Assistance:
  • Benefit from the expertise of AGRM’s top-tier contractor/installer network.
  • Experience the advantages of a single-source approach that leads to cost efficiencies.
  • Receive refractory materials precisely when needed, ensuring optimal product quality on-site.
  • Minimize downtime with swift response intervals, mitigating interruptions and delays.
  • Tap into our profound understanding of your industry for the most effective refractory resolutions.
  • Leverage our state-of-the-art Advanced Technology and Research Center dedicated to refractory innovation, quality validation, and failure analysis.
Knowledge Enrichment & Training:
  • Continuous educational seminars held at our cutting-edge Advanced Technology and Research Center.
  • Tailored on-site training available for customers upon request.
  • Access webcasts and video training modules as needed.



A1101Regular cast, electrofused Alumina-Zirconia-Silica (AZS) with 32% zirconia
A1102End-cast electrofused Alumina-Zirconia-Silica (AZS) with 36% zirconia
A1103End-cast electrofused Alumina-Zirconia-Silica (AZS) with 40% zirconia solution
A1301Void-free electrofused alumina-zirconia-silica (AZS) with 36% zirconia and a low silicate phase (14%)
A1201Void-free, electrofused 95% alumina (alpha-beta alumina)
A1202Regular cast, electrofused 94% alumina (beta alumina)
A1401Void-free electrofused 94% zirconia
High-grade Magnesia BrickA 97%-98% magnesia, burned brick
A magnesia, burned brick refractory
Magnesia-zirconia BrickA magnesia zirconia burned brick
Direct Bonded Magnesite Chrome BrickA magnesia chrome burned brick
Sintered High Alumina SeriesA High-Alumina (70%)/High-Purity Mullite Brick
A High Alumina (75%)/Andalusite, High Purity Brick refractory
A high alumina, fused mullite brick
A 74% Alumina, High Fired Mullite Brick
A fused mullite brick available in large format and complex shapes
A High-Alumina (68%)/Mullite Brick
A 66% alumina, Sintered Mullite Brick Shape
A high purity,66% alumina, mullite brick available in large format and complex shapes
A 60% Alumina – Andalusite Brick Shape
A 50% alumina brick
A large format, alumina-silica brick
A super duty fireclay brick
A high fired, super duty fireclay brick
High Quality and High Purity Corundum BrickA High Purity Corundum Brick
Sintered Corundum BrickA 90% alumina, mullite bonded brick with low porosity
Casting Fireclay ProductPure raw materials are carefully selected, and their granulation blending is specifically designed to produce these bricks.
Low-porosity Fireclay ProductsThese fireclay bricks use special ingredients which are formed at high pressure and fully sintered, so that they have very low porosity and are highly heat-resistant. They are also highly alkali resistant and creep resistant. They are particularly suitable for the lower parts of regenerator checkers, rider archand middle and lower parts of regenerators walls
Alumina-zirconUsing high-purity alumina and zircon as the main ingredients, alumina-zircon bricks are
produced by using a highly quality-controlled system. These refractories have high corrosion
resistance and pollution resistance against molten glass, and shows excellent performance in
alkaline vapor corrosion and spalling resistance. They are used in glass furnace melters’
superstructure, sub-paves and etc. For forehearths, they are used in the super-structures and
glass contact parts.
We offer press-molded or cast-molded depending on the shape.
ZirconA zircon brick available in large format and complex shapes
A 66% zirconia brick
A zircon brick available in large format and complex shapes
Chrome Corundum ProductAn alumina-chrome brick with 16% chrome
Sintered Silica SeriesA type-A, super duty silica brick
A lightweight silica brick
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