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Refractory Solution for Hazardous Waste Incineration

Refractory Solution for Hazardous Waste Incineration Kiln

AGRM possesses one of the most comprehensive portfolios of incinerator refractory products for the incineration industry. Our product line includes high-alumina bricks and alumina-chrome bricks. We also offer a range of products for areas requiring cement-free, integrated solutions. These renowned high-end refractory material brands set the standard for even the harshest incinerator system environments.

Our incineration application experts work closely with each customer to assess temperature, feedstock chemistry, thermal shocks, mechanical stresses, thermal conductivity, and installation constraints, providing the most compatible lining system for each project.

We continue to collaborate with our customers throughout the entire service life of the container, addressing issues stemming from changes in combustion materials and fluctuations in feedstock flow. These services enable us to find ways to maximize refractory performance, thus saving time and money.

No matter what our customers are incinerating, be it municipal waste, corrosive waste, or hazardous waste incineration, they can rely on us for a fast and reliable response.

  • Dedicated sales personnel ready to respond 24/7/365.
  • Benefit from our comprehensive refractories supply chain in Asia, with hundreds of factories producing refractory products across the region.
Global Projects and Engineering
  • Our team of experts in new projects offers a comprehensive range of services, from being your refractory product supplier to becoming your complete installation partner.
  • Greenfield construction
  • Manufacturing and plant modernization Meeting advanced engineering requirements for existing facilities
  • End-to-end refractory material delivery: from drawings to products and installation Robust conceptual drawing capabilities with meticulous attention to detail
Installation, Services, and Assistance:
  • Benefit from the expertise of AGRM’s top-tier contractor/installer network.
  • Experience the advantages of a single-source approach that leads to cost efficiencies.
  • Receive refractory materials precisely when needed, ensuring optimal product quality on-site.
  • Minimize downtime with swift response intervals, mitigating interruptions and delays.
  • Tap into our profound understanding of your industry for the most effective refractory resolutions.
  • Leverage our state-of-the-art Advanced Technology and Research Center dedicated to refractory innovation, quality validation, and failure analysis.
Knowledge Enrichment & Training:
  • Continuous educational seminars held at our cutting-edge Advanced Technology and Research Center.
  • Tailored on-site training available for customers upon request.
  • Access webcasts and video training modules as needed.
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